Urban Family Kriek Fruit Ale

This is a kind of beer that has sour cherries that compliment the rest of the beverage. I am told that hipsters enjoy the sour beers, and this may be targeted at them. If so, I may not like it. I certainly hope that the style, which traces its roots to the Belgians, has enough staying power that even I might enjoy it.

The raspberry colored beverage was captured in the picture with a bit of a head, but it was a head very similar to one you'd find on a soda or a wine cooler. As a result, it is ephemeral and disappears very quickly. The aroma is very light, but it has berries and flowers.

First sip is sour, sour, sour, and a bit of sour. I'm not a fan of sour beers, but I like sour candies (or I did like 20 years ago when I ate candy), so this has to walk a line between them. It doesn't. Instead, it's just overpowering sour on top of what might be a good beverage, but I may never know, as the sour is just way too much. A swig? That's how I roll.

Tip-in is sour cherries and sour malt with light carbonation tingle. The middle is horrid sourness scraping unpleasantly across the roof of the mouth. Then the finish brings a sourness that reminds me of the sour powder that coats the famous sour candy Warheads. Unfortunately, it doesn't compliment some kind of sweetness like that powder.

Bottom Line: This was a waste of time and money.



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