Dogfish Head 120 Minute IPA

I really liked the 60-minute IPA, and I loved the 90-minute IPA, so the ever-friendly Jeremy, proprietor of the much praised (in this blog) City Sliquors, gave me one of these as a gift, as he had pulled it aside for some of his regular customers. I thank him with all of my liver.

The ungodly pretty beer is a deep brownish amber color with a head that just doesn't want to be there, and it goes away in a huff soon after being poured, leaving the familiar ring and a slight layer that appears to be a single bubble deep across the top like a lilypad of joy.  The aroma is very, very faint, and it may have some malt and some hops, but I'm almost definitely projecting onto it.

First sip is more like a Belgian ale than anything. It's got all that sweet malt that has such a thick, bready taste to it that really makes me want to upend the glass and just say to hell with this review. But, that would be a disservice to you, my few and not impressively loyal readers, and to the stalworth Jeremy. So, I move onto the swig - which I will write about, as I am not just some drunkard.

Tip-in is like the gentlest caress of thick, very sweet bread and just enough carbonation tingle to make things interesting. The middle steps in with the orange/sugar glaze from the top of a fruitcake (with some of the cake included). The mouth is absolutely filled with all of it, and grains wave hello while very minuscule bits of tangerines and other citrus fruits wash in and away together. This is much sweeter and fruitier than any of the Belgian ales. The finish is gentle, like the tip-in was, with an echo of the rest of the beer, and it is delightful.

Bottom Line: Better than the 90-Minute? I'm going to say it's just as good, and that is pretty damn good.



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