Dansk Mjød Viking Blod Mead

Not the first mead that I've had. The last one was possibly too much of a surprise to me for me to really enjoy it as I should, despite Sloan's tenacious care and expertise. It's possible I just won't like mead, don't like this kind of wine, or am really just a beer guy at heart (which is what I expect). Let's find out.

The beverage is honey colored and quite nice looking. There's no head to speak of, as it is a honey wine, there shouldn't be, as I found out the last time I tried one. The aroma is once again very wine-like, and I think I've come to appreciate wine (in a limited way) so I can be a bit more objective (although, let's be honest, this blog is about my subjective opinion when you come down to it). The smell is of a very strong wine, indeed. Lots of alcohol happening here (19% ABV).

First sip is a strangely oaky wine. Once I hit the word "wine" there, I am pretty much not going to be able to be much more exact. I don't know wines, so I don't really know how to differentiate one from another. I wish I could say more about it, but it's like asking Mozart about different kinds of Hip-Hop (not that I'm a Mozart of beer, but you get the point).

Tip-in is very sweet honey-backed wine. Really, you can't taste wine on the front end, but you can tell it's coming. The middle is sickly sweet. Honestly, it seems like WAY too much sweetness, and it is accompanied by wine and a bit of the oak it was in; the middle is rough. The finish is more musty and honey with a sweet afterglow.

Bottom Line: Sipping is not bad. Gulping is not great.



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