Sixpoint Puff

Sixpoint has been right in the middle of the spectrum. One was slightly less than average, and the other was slightly better than average. This one could be their breakout hit, right? I'm not sure that the energy drink cans or the strange names are doing these beers any favors, but packaging and marketing are not what I'm about - I'm about drinking and appreciating beer.

The beer is a cloudy orange with a head that boils off to a thin trickle of bubbles with a familiar ring around the edges. The aroma is oranges, a bit of bread, and graininess. The delightful hops are really inviting, and the smell is just enough without being harsh. If the taste matches the smell, this might be the best Sixpoint yet.

First sip is... aggressive. There are pine hops that I did not account for, and they grate quite a bit across the top of the mouth. I don't know where the oranges went in all this, but they are not found anywhere as a result of the overwhelming and somewhat off-putting pine. Clearly, a full swig is in order if I want to figure this beer out.

Tip-in is mild carbonation burn and flowers. I honestly don't know what kind of hops are in this thing. The middle doesn't see the carbonation off. Instead, it keeps strong through the whole thing. The flavor is a little more citrus and a little bit more pine through this center, but the finish is a sharp downturn of bitterness. The flavors kind of shrug and move on. Trail off is a shade of bitterness and remorse.

Bottom Line: It's an unbalanced beer that shows promise but ultimately fails.



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