Jack's Hard Cider Pear

I tried the hard cider that Jack made for Helen, and it was okay, but I was far from impressed. This one is made from pears, so it might be just wacky enough to be unique and flavorful enough to be good. I have no reason to think that Jack doesn't have it in him to do great things, so I expect this will be a magical experience.

The beverage is surprisingly shaded as pear juice. Could it be that this isn't actually apple cider, and it is pear cider instead? I hate to say it, but I kind of hope it is. I like new things, and that would be a very new thing for me. The carbonation pretty much is like the last one, as it fizzes, but it does not have any kind of staying power. The aroma is a very slight hint of pear at the fringe of wine. I might even just say that this is a white wine, if I didn't know what Jack said it was.

First sip is like a really watery wine. Maybe that's unfair - it might be more like a very modest wine that was watery and had pear juice added to it that was also really watery. I don't mean that it's bad, but it's very mild, as if they didn't want to offend anyone with a strong taste. So, I'm not offended. Even though the taste is so gentle, it's pleasant.

Tip-in white wine, green apples, and pears with carbonation tingle at the fringes. The middle fades into the background. Seriously, it is so not there that it makes me think that I'm thirsty while I'm drinking it. Then, a bitter pill comes along in the finish, with the sweetness of the pear and the tartness of the apple washed away with a harshness that has no reasonable justification for being there.

Bottom Line: Not outright horrible, but not a balanced beverage that one can just lay back and enjoy.



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