Wiseacre Tarasque Saison

I appears Wiseacre picked an artist and are sticking with him/her. Fair enough. This one is not nearly as confusing as the last one. What IS confusing is the decision to go with a saison as the second beer out there (well, the second beer I saw at City Sliquors) as it is not exactly a mainstream style.

The incredibly murky beer is still. There are no points of nucleation inside the beer, so the very thick head on the beer isn't being added to, but it doesn't die down beyond about a finger's width around the sides. The color, which I strangely forgot to mention is a slightly orange molasses color. The murkiness is filled with small-ish particles of... beer stuff. The aroma is fruits, flowers, and wood.

First sip is very tart - like a suck from a grapefruit with some wood and flowers added. There are too many flowers, too. It has been some time since I had the craptastic HiCu, but it has a bit of that beer in it, and I absolutely do not like that association. Perhaps a swig will dispel the link.

Tip-in is very light carbonation tingle with wheat, flowers, and tart fruit. The middle is a strange kind of foamy, meaty, grains, and wood and that fruit isn't entirely gone. It's very harmonious in the middle, with all of the flavors playing well together. The finish comes along with a sharp hit of sourness and tartness. These two cover up the flavors that were there.

Bottom Line: A beer that does well a little warm and when drunken quickly.



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