Mill Creek Silo Farmhouse Ale

My second Mill Creek beer, and the first one was surprisingly good. While 3.0 may not seem like the greatest beer out there, my rating scale is documented, and anything over a 2.5 is better than average. The fact that this brewer is in the relatively small Nashville suburb of Nolensville means I just didn't expect beers to come from them that tasted like they could be larger, more established brewers.

It's a very hazy orangish brown with a patchy head that leaves pretty much no lacing joy. That's okay, I'm not here to stare at it. The aroma is wheat and grains more than anything else. My experience with these ales is that they are pretty smooth drinking, and I can pretty much knock back one after the other because they are so damn drinkable.

First sip is a bit more sour than I expected. I don't think I've had a single farmhouse ale that I got the impression of sour with, but that's what's going on here. I know a sip isn't giving me everything, but I wonder if they've decided to go after the hipster crowd by just unnecessarily making the beer sour and off-the-wall. A full gulp will tell us.

Tip-in is very light on everything but water, but the sourness is definitely hinting at something bigger. Carbonation is just a tingle at the beginning, but the carbonation starts chomping the mouth pretty hard in the middle. The grains back it up, though, no wateriness here. The finish is a lot more sour, with citrus fruits untamed by anything else. Then, the beer trails off with a bit more grain.

As the beer warms, the harshness of the sour and the biting of the carbonation ease off very significantly. So, I recommend drinking this one cool rather than cold. And cool is what the final score will reflect.

Bottom Line: At the proper temperature, this beer holds its own against some very good beers.



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