Blackstone Deep Well Lager

I was gifted this beer by the fine folks at City Sliquors who I go on and on about all the time. They didn't brew it, so I don't feel any particular obligation to give it a good review or anything, but I wanted to be up front about the fact that I didn't have to pay for this beer, yet I'm going to review it as if I had. I will definitely want to thank Jeremy for the hook up, though.

The beer lacks significant carbonation while in the glass. It was definitely there when I poured it, but there is very little going on from a point of nucleation perspective. Still, a thin puddle of bubbles forms in the middle of the top well enough. The color is mostly golden yellow with a very slight orange tint. The aroma is very heavy malt filled with warm rolls.

First sip is very heavy malt and little else, but the malt is manly and bready. It's not overly sweet, but if there are hops, they are being squashed like a spider under the heel of a Navy Seal. I'm not saying that there is no sweetness to the malt, but it's not like one of those milk stouts or something that adds more sweeteners to make a dessert beer. I'd say it's just sweet enough. Maybe a full swig will show me the way.

Tip-in is watery at first with a mouthful of sweet rolls very quickly following. The carbonation is a light tickle around the edges, and it definitely enhances the beer on a very subtle manner. The middle swings on in with straight white bread and the carbonation kind of merges with spices to crackle around the mouth in spurts. The finish is mild and calm, with grainy spices and a flow that fades away.

Bottom Line: Blackstone brews a good one with a solid lager.



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