Mill Creek Landmark Vintage Lager

Third in my Mill Creek series, and the other two were definitely better than your average beer. If we start a pattern, I'm going to have to really keep an eye out for the local brewer. I assume they'll make more than the three beers I was able to find at City Sliquors (my favorite beer and liquor store) and I look forward to trying them all. But, the lager is up now.

The color is a hazy, deep gold. The head is pretty thin, but it's there, striving valiantly to be as much as it can be. The aroma is... missing. I stuck my nose pretty deep in there, and I can't smell a damn thing. I guess that's nothing major for a domestic lager, but I really expected something different from the craft brewer from Nolensville, TN.

First sip is simple and straight-forward; it's almost entirely malt. It's very bready, and it's not harsh in any way. I really like it quite a bit, even with just a sip. This is not some generic domestic lager - it is subtle and simple in a way that is reassuring and quite nice. How about the full gulp?

Tip-in is a little bit citrus and a little bit grainy. The middle is whole grain bread, but it manages to be smooth and easy to drink, which is what I'm looking for in a lager. The finish is a bit more abrasive with straw and a wave of tartness. Still, the beer has character while still being very easy to drink.

Bottom Line: A very good effort from the upstart. It's better than your average lager.



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