Gouden Carolus Tripel

Another Belgian beer with an exotic name, a frothy head, and a nutty font that makes me wonder if they actually want people to read the label at all. Why don't they just go with Comic Sans, as they have such a distaste for the pleasure of the readers of their labels?

The fluffy white head sits atop a very cloudy golden beer with an aroma that smells of lemons and fresh, unbaked dough. The presentation is better than the last Belgian beer I had, so it may get better than the 2.5 that it got (although it was a dubbel).

First sip is very good. It's not just the unbaked dough - it has baked biscuits and spices and lots of other things. I can't pick them all out through a simple sip, but it is a damn good sip. I wonder what the swig will bring...

Tip-in is fresh baked bread and spices. Lemons round things out, but they aren't sour - there's a sweetness to it all. The middle intensifies the bready goodness and adds quite a bit more spice. It's got lemon and sweetness weaved all thoughout, and it's quite delightful. The finish is a bit more harsh with a wave of bitterness and even a little nuttiness.

Bottom Line: Flavorful and filled with character, this reminds me of a blonde with more meat.



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