Corsendonk Pater Dubbel Ale

These Belgian beers have a special place in my heart. They all have flowery fonts, they are steeped in history, and they imply that they are all made by monks who do it for the love of beer/God depending on the monastery. This beer is another that also has a name I can probably pronounce, if there was a gun to my head, but I didn't even try when I picked it up.

Despite what the picture may tell you, this is not black. There are no linguistic gymnastics necessary to call it ruby or so-dark-it-appears-black or something along those lines. Instead, it is definitely ruby red; it's a DEEP ruby red that absolutely allows photons through right in the center. The copious head is thick and full, and it is a prime example of the heads I tend to see on these Belgian beers. The aroma is strangely ginger and sweet malt.

First sip is a bit caustic. It's very rough and the flavor takes a back seat to it to the point that I'm not sure I can accurately tell you what it tastes like. I'm going to break with tradition and take a second sip... It's a bit of sweet malt and raisin. All that is behind that strange, acetone-like alcohol. Maybe a full swig could help? It rarely hurts.

Tip-in is carbonation burn, dark fruits, and raisins. There is oak here as well, and it helps things out quite a bit. The middle saunters in with that acidic bit scraping the roof of the mouth while sweet malt and more dark fruits mellow underneath. The finish is sweet malt, smoke, and oak. The finish is the best part of the beer.

Bottom Line: I like this kind of beer, but I'm not sure I'm nuts about this particular one.



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