Jack's Hard Cider - Helen's Blend

From the sleepy town just north of Gettysburg, Pennsylvania comes this beverage that was named after the wife of the blended it, so he must like it. If it's that good, I am looking forward to it. I know I swore off of ciders a while ago, but I ran into a few more recently, so I'm just going to try them and write them up, okay?

The color is a very pale yellow (looks like someone has the right amount of water intake). Even in a perfectly clean glass, there are many points of nucleation that cause lots of streams of bubbles going to the top, and they show no signs of going away. The aroma is apples, but they are kind of sweet-tart to the point that they almost cancel each other out.

First sip is very gentle. Is' apples in a very watered down way. This reminds me of apple juice concentrate that has had too much water added. The core juice itself is okay, but it might have been made with more skin and less meat of the apple than normal or something like that. Well, full swig time.

Tip-in is carbonation tingle and watery apple skins. The middle is a bit more - with spices and more of the sweet apple meat flowing through the bottom while the carbonation dances around the top of the mouth. The finish is the harshest part of the drink, and it brings a sharp tartness that tosses everything to the ground and stomps on it.

Bottom Line: Probably suitable for mindless consumption or those new cider mixed drinks.



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