Yee Haw "Eighty" Scottish-Style Ale

One of the best beers I've ever had was a Scottish-style ale produced by Stoudt's Brewing in Pennsylvania. Any version of the beer since then has been directly compared and generally found wanting. Maybe this beer from a very small town in TN will evoke the same feelings.

The beer is a deep red with a very minimal head that never quite goes away completely, but it is actually very surprising how little head there is immediately after the pour. The aroma is wood and grains. My hope to repeat the joy of previous beers of this style is still riding high.

First sip is pretty watery. There's still wood (not oak, but wood) with a bit of caramel and something else lingering under there, but it's pretty nuts how little flavor these is. This beer needs to be more. Speaking of nuts, though, I think I tasted a bit of a nutty flavor in there, but who knows for sure? Time to dig in with a full mouth.

Tip-in is wood and caramel. There are floral notes and a gentle nibbling of the carbonation. The middle approaches with toffee and lots of water. The wood is still there, and the carbonation still nibbles as it goes. So, the middle is disappointing more than anything. Maybe the finish... it is a wave of bread and slight bitterness with heavy caramel.

Bottom Line: It was an attempt, and it wasn't a complete failure.



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