Stone Enjoy After 07.04.16 Brett IPA

My recent experience with brettanomyces yeast has left me questioning this beer. Mind you, I have waited a year to drink this, so I'm going to freaking enjoy this, come hell or high water. The most similar beer to this (in theory) was the very good Stone beer of a similar name (two, actually), but from the other direction, as it was billed as being best when drunk as close to the date it was brewed. This one, however, makes me wait. It tasks me, and I shall have it.

The yellow beer with the sticky, gloppy, delightful head smells of light grains backing the overwhelming yeast. I'm not surprised that the beer is overwhelmed by the yeast - the other beers suffered the same fate at the hands of that sour, strong ingredient.

First sip is spicy and a little sour, but it's not overwhelming with the yeast. I mean, don't get me wrong, I can't taste anything else, but it doesn't hit like a brick to the teeth. Instead, it kind of shuffles in, takes stock, leaves a calling card, and saunters on out. It's really intriguing.

Tip-in is light carbonation tingle, pepper and spices, and even a little doughy. The middle comes in with a much stronger kind of spice and brett sourness with a hit of lemon to try to make things interesting. The finish is a bit more harsh with its whip-crack of sour and stronger peppers and more spice before trailing off with the knowledge that things could have gone worse, but they could have gone better.

Bottom Line: An interesting experiment, but ultimately only slightly better than the last experimental Brett beer I had.



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