Sixpoint Sweet Action

This is my second Sixpoint beer. The Bengali was not terrible, but it lacked most of what was necessary to break free from the doldrums of average beer-level deliciousness. This one shares the strange packaging of the other, and I'm still not a fan. It's a stupid gimmick, and it detracts from a lovely (if not delicious enough) beer.

The beer is a deep amber with a sticky, sticky head. The lacing is positively plastered to the sides of the glass with a fervor scarcely before seen. The aroma is pine hops over sweet, sweet malt, honey, and grains. It, like its sister, appears to be a better beer than its energy drink can would suggest.

First sip is sweet, and very, very mild. It's smooth, and it doesn't seem to assert much in the way of character. It comes off as a very simple beer with just the hops and honey to make any lasting impression. I freely admit that I was expecting something more from this beer. Maybe more lies in the gulp.

Tip-in is stronger than expected carbonation burn with the pine hops providing a bit more of a stick. The middle has more of the carbonation burn, and it is kind of overwhelming the attempt at grains and the pine needles are scratching down the back of the throat. The middle is not the mild temptress that the sip was - it's an aggressive attacker of various mouth parts. The finish is expected to be the harshest part of the beer, and it isn't. Instead, the harshness recedes to allow the sweet malt and caramel to assert itself nicely.

Bottom Line: One of the rare beasts that is definitely better sipped than drunken in haste. When you do sip, it's rewarding enough to order a second.



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