Aktienbrauerei Kaufbeuren Hell

This beer from ABK abides by the German purity law, so it contains fewer ingredients than a loaf of bread. They claim to have been making beer since 1308, and that... is a long time to be making beer. Has their recipe changed in the intervening time? No idea, but I only have this beer to try, so back off.

The beer is a very clear yellow gold with a white head that tries to leave lacing, but it just doesn't have enough staying power. The aroma is barley malt and a bit of dough.

First sip is a bit sour on the back end. Other than that, it's very...beer. The barley is pretty much the structure of the beer upon which a bit of citrus has been placed, but the barley really overwhelms a bunch. There is a hint of the bready dough that I smelled before, but it's distant at best.

Tip in is mild carbonation tingle and barley. There might be a hint of citrus (I'm thinking orange) in there with it. The middle comes along with a very gentle and smooth character. Some beers would be watery with this little going on, but the grains maintain the latticework that they built in the beginning with a bit of the wet dough. They're just a touch softer and more approachable. The finish is where that sour taste comes in, but it's more muted here than it was in the sip.

Bottom Line: A standout as a lager, with few ingredients that it makes into a mouthful.



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