Sixpoint Bengali

I'm not sure about a beer that comes in a can that is this similar to an energy drink can. Are they aiming at hipsters, corporate types, adrenaline junkies, or what? Is it possible that they're just trying to be different than the other beer makers out there? I have no idea about any of these things, and packaging is just that - it rarely influences the actual taste.

This is one good looking beer. It looks like the picture you have of beer when you close your eyes and think about a beer. There's a slight orange tint to the gold color, and the white head is sticky as all-get-out. Lacing on the glass is copious and dramatic. The aroma is somewhat floral along with the greater pine, and there is a bit of a funk about it that isn't entirely bad.

First sip is raw power of hop. Yes, I can taste grain and such behind it, but the hops and their accompanying bitterness is right out there in the front of everything. It's really strong and overwhelming anything else that might be in the beer. As a sipping beer, this isn't the taste I would be looking for. It's just too much, and it's untamed. Let's dissect a full swig.

Tip-in is carbonation burn and pine and floral hops. I get a hint of lemon in there with it, but it's definitely all hops up front. The middle comes up with a much better insight to this beverage. It's still chock full of hops, but they are mellowed considerably from the tip-in. there's a biscuit in there with the hops, sulking in the pine woods that is the rest of the beer. The finish comes up with a bitter wave and a dry hop taste that leaves the bitterness as it flows away.

Bottom Line: I like hops, but you have to tame them with something. This one is wild and untamed, and that's not as great as you might hope.



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