Evil Twin From Amager WIth Love

Possibly the most inconsistent beer maker I've encountered, Evil Twin swings for the fence every time, but it only sometimes hits. This beer was created when some of the guys from a remote island just South of Copenhagen met up with guys from Evil Twin and decided to formulate a thick black Imperial Stout together.

The deep brown abyss sucks up light with the best of them. What little head there is dissipates completely very quickly and as a result there's no lacing on the sides. The aroma is malty, but it has fruit and even wine. Yes, the wine smell is quite noticeable when I sniff the second time. It stands out like a ... thing that stands out a lot.

First sip is a lustful mouth of sweet malt and berries. The wine aroma isn't coming out at all, but the flavor of the sip is a mouthful. It's heavy and smooth like a big, black European sedan barreling down the autobahn. I go back for a second sip, and I can taste a bit of an alcohol bite that puts me in mind of a sweet liquor.

Tip-in is sweet malt with a hint of coffee. There isn't as much smoke as I would expect in an imperial stout. The middle rolls on in with a very smooth selection of berries and milky malt. Even though I expected nothing from the carbonation, there is a roughness lurking at the top of the mouth that distracts a bit from the taste. The finish gives a hint of coffee with the wine that was missing from the rest of the taste, and it trails off with a bit of alcohol burn.

Bottom Line: Another slight variation of imperial stout from Evil Twin. It's pretty good.



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