Alpine Duet IPA

I'm unfamiliar with this brewery, and that means I am excited to taste what they have to offer. I have no idea why they put a picture of a church on the label and then have two glasses being brought together at the bottom. It's this kind of obscure trivia that I assume hides some cute story, but I don't know it, and I'm just here to drink beer, anyway.

It's a slightly hazy kind of yellowish-orange. The head is just about the perfect size and texture, and the head leave very nice lacing along the sides (some strands and bubbles, but not so much that the beer puts on a show of it). The aroma is dusty hops with a distinct citrus bend. It is very inviting and mouth-watering.

First sip is very interesting. The citrus blossoms into pineapple, mango, orange, and even a little lemon. There are so many tropical fruits in here that this might get marketed as a way to stave off scurvy to sailors or something. There is a bit of grain in there, too, but the fruits are really taking hold of the beer and not letting go. It's quite refreshing and soothing. I wonder if a swig will be as well.

Tip-in is grains and carbonation tingle all through the mouth. As I get to the middle, that very distinct pineapple comes out and is quickly surrounded by the other fruits, but they are muted compared to that very bitter version of pineapple. It reminds me of those dried pineapple chunks that you can buy in that they lack juice and the sweetness of the original. Then, the finish is a bitter hammer in the mouth. The flavors are still the same, but it's like the effect that the camera has when you move the camera in and zoom out at the same time - everything exagerrates, and the bitter is right at the center.

Bottom Line: A characterful beer that is a bit harsh, but it is not so bitter that I won't have another, that's for sure.



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