He Never Died (2015)

I don't think of Henry Rollins when I think of power actors who can carry a whole movie on their back. When I think about Henry Rollins at all, I think about the energy-intensive performances on stage with his various aggressive hard rock troops. Never did I think he should be starring in a movie (even after his acceptable performance in a supporting role in the fantastic movie Heat). Yet, here this movie sits.

Henry is a man (maybe) who never died. He's immortal, and his immortality has given him a dim view of life in general. He's decided that humanity really isn't worth the effort anymore, so he just coasts through life, trying to mind his own business and stay out of the way of anything else. The problem is that he has been around a while, is pretty much unkillable, and also has a strong moral compass to go with his temper.

The picture in the ad above would give you some indication of the level of his powers and such, as the angel wings indicate that he might have some supernatural powers aside from just the ability to not die. Admittedly, his powers are not really all that spectacular, but he uses them to great effect when people see him and size him up as a guy who will likely not involve himself in their activities.

Henry may very well simply be being Henry in this movie; I don't know him, so I can't rightly say that he is or isn't this eye-averting and twitchy kind of person, but he plays the character well, and that's the important thing for the movie. The character is beyond human, but he's relatable and likable even with his anti-social and hostile tendencies.

Jordan Todosey plays the daughter that Henry never expected to have, and he finds himself rescuing her and protecting her with a father's instinct. She is just about the most cliche daughter she can be with her rebellious attitude but secret longing to be a little daddy's girl. Nevertheless, she makes the character her own enough to let the story gloss over her just like the guy who plays Henry's intern who is just about completely replaceable.

The only other real character in the movie is Henry's girlfriend (Kate Greenhouse). She's the waitress in the diner that Henry goes to on a regular basis, and the relationship is difficult to establish and maintain, as Henry is so ornery. But, Kate sells her character well, and that definitely keeps the interest in the movie alive.

Direction was good
Acting was good
Story was a bit weak
Style was very good
Dialogue was very good

Bottom Line: A movie off the beaten path that deserves a look on a quiet night.



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