New Belgium Skinny Dip

I was surprised how much I liked the most recent New Belgium beer that I had. They have had some spectacular failures, but most of their other beers are about average. I was told when I got the Slow Ride that New Belgium had started producing very good beers, and that one was just the start. So, I hope this is the next in a line of success.

There's a very slight haze to the amber colored beer with the stark white head. The aroma is more bread and yeast than fruit, but I think I can smell a bit of fruit in there. Smells more like citrus than peach. Specifically, it smells a bit like orange peel. If it tastes like it smells, it will still be pretty good (depending on how sweet the malt is).

First sip reveals a beer that is kind of bland. It's watery and kind of tasteless, and that doesn't seem right. I'm going in for an unusual second sip...

And, I'm afraid I have found more of the same. I guess I can taste some of the bread malt just fine, but it's more of an impression of malt than an actual taste. I'm really kind of bothered by how weak and watery this beer is with a sip, and I certainly hope (but don't have much confidence) that the full swig yields more depth to the beverage.

Tip-in is excessively mild bread and maybe some light fruit with a carbonation burn that the beer really doesn't need to cover any existing flavor. The middle is a little more peachy, but it is really damn watery. The finish, which I expected might be the savior of this beer, just peters out and leaves kind of a nasty finish. This is not the beer I came for.

Bottom Line: Bland. Nearly tasteless. Watery. Why did they bother bottling it?



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