Saints and Soldiers: The Void (2014)

This movie is let down by some pretty lousy dialog, a racist story line that really doesn't seem to need to be shoehorned in, and acting that indicates that none of these men will ever act on screen again. The acting is so bad, in fact, that it (more than the production quality) reeks of being a made for TV movie for one of those channels that is ambitious, but they have no idea what they're doing.

What this movies does to tank warfare is the opposite of what Fury did. In fact, this movie gets everything wrong that Fury got right. For example, the clothes that the men are wearing haven't been meticulously soiled by artists who want to convey the realism of a character with a past and the fights that he's been through. Instead, some of the guys are given random patches of grease because it just seemed right at the time by the prop master, others have dirt on their faces because it is supposed to make them look gritty, but it looks like they were eating something and got overly aggressive.

It's this lack of attention to detail or even the vague appreciation of film making that really makes this movie suffer. It's not just the acting that is the problem. This movie is a culmination of bad techniques that really put the screws to what might have actually been an okay plot, if it wasn't just for the so much bad happening around it.

Shut up! I'm racist!
I just don't know how they could get things wrong this much. The idea of getting a tank, having to secure a road or something, and running into evil Nazi tanks (including a guy who is supposed to be the best of the tank instructors who they really don't explain at all) - all of this could make up a good movie. It's like they just immediately went off the rails, and they never found their way back.

Maybe the budget was the issue, but I think the issues were much further down. I mean, the script has it's issues, and a bigger movie might have had a re-write or another guy come in with a chance to massage the whole thing into something more polished, but this movie couldn't do that - and it's like that on every level. It has no polish, and it needed the polish to be presentable.

Acting was bad
Direction was bad
Story was not good
Dialog was pretty terrible
Action was good

Bottom Line: A movie that had promise before it got started. It was all downhill from there.



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