Southern Prohibition Suzy Smash Blonde Ale

Very few breweries have been as consistent as SPB. These guys have not gotten anything less than a 3.75/5 from me, and that is saying a LOT. While I'm generally not a fan of blondes, SPB's Suzy B was very good, and it showed that they have the capability to do wonders with the style. Usually, trying a new beer is taking a risk, but I think that I'm pretty sure to hit a good beverage this time.

The straw-orange beer with the very thick and sticky head has the smell of grains and light floral hops. The smell is a shadow of a ghost, but it's there. While the aroma is excessively faint, it is playful and very inviting. I suspect the weak smell means that this will be a very good drinking beer. The head is leaving lacing like nobody's business.

First sip is biscuits and it's all more sweet than I would have expected. I can taste citrus and it's not making anything tart or sour or even bitter, as I would expect hops to do. Honestly, this sip is absolutely delicious. I don't know if I want to sully it with a full swig - it's THAT good! But, I have a process, and it's time to follow it.

Tip-in is biscuits and a fair amount of carbonation burn. There's some floral hops in there with it. As the middle comes along, it sends carbonation to the top of the mouth while the undercurrent of citrus and grains flows quickly and smoothly right down. The finish has a bitter front end, but then it smooths out even more than the middle with more citrus, hoppy floral notes, and more grains and flour.

Bottom Line: Smooth and silky, this beer is the epitome of what a blonde can be.



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