Jackalope Thunder Ann American Pale Ale

You may ask yourself the same thing I did when looking at the can: "Why is there a brunette Taylor Swift on this can?" I really don't think it's supposed to be her, as the can tells the story of Thunder Ann, the woman who made Davy Crockett her man. Maybe they just used Taylor as a model. She might have swung by the brewery. After all, she's from Nashville, and she comes back from time to time.

It's an orange amber beer with a mildly sticky head that tries for a bit of lacing and then gives up and goes for a quick lie down. The aroma is orange and hops. I think I detect some grains, but the orange smell is definitely overpowering most everything else.

The taste is very, very mild. There's no hop bite, but the hops are sizzling in the background making a nice potpourri for the oranges to dance around in front of. While the beer doesn't have all that much of a head, I expected more from the carbonation. Instead, it is kind of flat. Maybe if I drink it like a man?

Tip-in is orange and gentle hops with a very slight carbonation burn. The middle is straight-out smooth. It is almost too watery for what it needs to be, but the hops tickle the back of the throat to let you know what you're drinking. The finish is a bit too harsh for the rest of the beer. It comes down with carbonation burn and hop bitterness and a bit of a metallic twinge. There's no other way to describe it - it's an awkward and bitter end to a simple and good beverage.

Bottom Line: A glimpse of brilliance with the finish of despair.



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