Air (2015)

Fast forward really far into the future. Breathable air has become scarce, and the best that humanity has to offer has been put in stasis until the planet can support life again. How do you find out when the world is ready? Well, you have sensors all over the place (after all, you don't put everyone in the same survival bunker) and wake technicians up on a regular basis to evaluate and check into a central system. Then they go back to sleep. While they're awake, you fill the whole bunker with breathable air and start a countdown to when the air and lights will go out. You also don't make backups for any of this.

In this unlikely scenario, we find ourselves alongside Norman Reedus of The Walking Dead fame and Djimon Hounsou (who I first remember as Russel Crow's best buddy in Gladiator) fresh from his non-successful leading role in Special Forces. These two are barely trained technicians who are responsible for all of the bunker and the people in it. It seems highly unlikely that the future decision would have been to use techs with few redeeming qualities and no discernible life skills to be in charge of something so important while letting many, many other people die.

Among the people who are being saved is the completely inanimate body of Sandrine Holt. The reason I know it's her is because Djimon is somewhat insane, and he has fallen in love with her (even though I'm not sure he ever actually talked to her in real life). As a result, he sees her all the time and talks to her like she's really there. This is exactly the kind of psychosis that you would screen out when you were interviewing people for this kind of position.

Another thing you'd filter out is the kind of "me first" psychopathy that Norman demonstrates at times. He is clearly willing to kill every one of his charges in order to save his own life or even Djimon's life. You would think that people employed for this relatively thankless job would at least be instilled with the necessary awe to keep them from slaughtering all of the people who are destined to repopulate the planet.

Clearly, something terrible happens, and we find ourselves with this duo in a situation where they don't have enough air and have to do a bunch of stupid things to try and live. The whole movie is dimply lit to increase the sense of the unknown, and we get the idea that everything is very cramped and claustrophobic. The strange tenuous friendship that these two have going doesn't help anything. Not only do the actors not seem to have any chemistry, the characters are both fairly unlikable.

Acting was good
Story was very weak
Dialog was bland
Direction ... well, they tried
Effects were okay

Bottom Line: A movie is only a thriller if it can capture your imagination and bring you into the story. This never did.



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