Strongbow Ginger Hard Apple Cider

The latest batch of Strongbow ciders has been okay for the most part, but they don't hold a candle to the original which set the bar marginally higher. My expectations for this one are notably lower, as I'm not generally a fan of ginger in general, and I can't imagine that this would be the one of this bunch that I went nuts over.

THAT is a pale yellow beverage. I'd say that a urologist would likely say that you had just the right amount of water intake. Any more clear, and you've had too much water. While there's no head, I see bubbles floating up to the top, so it's got at least a bit of carbonation to it. The aroma is that of ginger and wine. There are freshly cut apples supporting the lot, but wine is definitely what I'm smelling.

First sip brings more of the aroma, it just brings it via the taste buds. It's a very sweet apple wine with ginger. It's straight-forward, with almost a child-like simplicity that doesn't seem to have anything in common with apple juice at all.

A full swig brings a sweet tip-in of ginger, cinnamon, and apples. The middle, like other Strongbow ciders, is sweet and smooth. It has apples aplenty and ginger tinting it along the way. the finish is harsher. It has the wine twinge to it, and it takes a hit of ginger hard.

Bottom Line: Not the best Strongbow cider, but better than a lot out there.



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