Dogfish Head 90 Minute Imperial IPA

I've only reviewed two other Dogfish head beers on this blog. One was not good at all, and the other was spectacular. It is only as a result of being capable of spectacular beers that gives a brewer the ability to produce lousy beers and stay in business (not including Blackstone or Magic Hat). Let's hope that this one is one of the good ones.

It's an amber beer with a frothy white head. The smell is oddly sweet and hoppy. These are two aromas I expect to compliment each other, but this is more of a consensual mingling that makes the hops themselves seem sweet. The sweet malt is almost so strong that it gives the impression of a dark ale.  It's very inviting.

First sip is very, very reminiscent of a dark ale. The malt is heavy and filled to the brim with dark fruits. Raisins are tossed in a deep well of pureed floral hops. The grainy barley whips at you, as the malt dulls the senses entirely.

Full draught comes next. Tip-in is carbonation burn with raisins and barley churning underneath. The middle continues the carbonation burn quite a bit. The sloshing brew that accompanies it is both sweet and floral. Alcohol is fairly evident at this point, and that's fairly unusual. As the finish arrives, things get confused. A bitter streak hits with the grains and earth tones. Nuts and more dark fruits try to sweeten the deal a bit, and things mellow out as the beer drifts into the distance.

Bottom Line: An impressive and delicious take on the style.



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