Falls City Pale Ale

The Hipster Repellant IPA I had from the Falls City label. I say the label, as this brewer has licensed their beers to be brewed by a local Nashville brewery, Blackstone. Not one of the Blackstone beers has been even average (2.5 on my scale) and many have been well below average. I have, in fact, not been impressed with them in the least, and I hope that what they needed was a recipe from the outside to give them a shot in the arm.

A deep amber beer with an off white head, it is almost the picture of what a beer should look like. The head is full and mighty, but it's not particularly sticky, so it leaves almost no lacing along the sides. The aroma is a bit underwhelming - a dark malt with some earth piled in. I had hoped for some nice hops, but they are buried under the malt more than anything.

First sip is a bit off-putting. It has the sharp bite of a wheat with the earth and depth of the malt coming through weakly. Orange and honey are in there, too, but the sharpness defines the sip unpleasantly. I certainly think that there's a chance that a full draught can rescue the taste, but I have to admit that I'm not particularly optimistic about it.

Tip-in is a quite nice sweet caramel malt. The middle gets watery. It brings up some earthy tones and carbonation tingles the top of the mouth. The tip-in was good, but this middle is uninspired. As the finish comes, there's that wheat ale bite that has nothing constraining it. Yes, there's malt there, but it doesn't seem to be doing anything to cut the bite at all. The whole taste runs off into the darkness, leaving the echo of a bit in its wake and making me wish I'd picked a better beer.

Bottom Line: Unrefined and unpolished. This is clearly not the best Falls City has to offer.



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