Southern Prohibition 2015 IPA

The other three SPB beers were in cans and tasted very good. They appear to have started a new series, the "Cicada Series" that celebrates the horrible, terrible invasive bugs that are loud and obnoxious. I don't know if they're are going to follow the strange 7-year cycle that cicadas use or what, but it's an odd choice.

The beer is a muddled light brown with a pinch of orange. The head is white and sticky as all get-out. Lacing on the sides leaves barely enough room between patches for you to see from the sides that the head has gone down at all. The aroma is citrus hops, even though the label clearly states that it is piney. I expected pine, but I'll take citrus.

First sip is smooth. The hops are couched nicely in a citrus and bready basket. I can taste the pine in the back of my throat, so the label is confirmed. The carbonation definitely burns the tip of the tongue, and the rest of the sip is pretty straight-forward. I don't know if there is complexity lurking under that beautiful stark white head, but I'm inclined to find out.

Tip-in is orange slices and a bit of bready grains. The carbonation doesn't seem to be doing much. The middle brings the pine hops to the back of the throat where they churn and release a bit of a floral taste with the pine. Carbonation is tingling the mouth well when the finish finally starts to come on. A short shot of bitterness hits, is replaced with a bit of wood, and then another shot of bitterness hits and releases slowly.

Bottom Line: A very good beer that would compliment a meal well. If you wait for it to warm a bit, it becomes very, very drinkable



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