The Frankenstein Theory (2013)

Found footage, why are you so overused?

This is a movie that purports to be a documentary of one man's mission to prove that his ancestor was the real life Frankenstein. It's unclear at first why anyone would take on this documentary in the first place, but it is later revealed that he is actually funding the entire documentary. That makes it extra odd that no one but him has done any background work on this whole thing.

Even though Frankenstein appears to have migrated North and is now living there permanently, no one makes any kind of abominable snowman reference or even a Sasquatch parallel. However, the banter between the audio guy and one of the camera guys is really good. They get some epic lines in that really break up the movie quite a bit. The problem is that the movie needs broken up so much.

The fierce creature you see in the poster to the left is never actually seen all that well in the movie itself. If you're going to sell a movie with this kind of image, you have to make good on it. It's like having Godzilla posters with the monster everywhere and then delivering Cloverfield-like monster hiding.

The cinematography is exactly what you would expect from this kind of film. It's slightly better than most other found footage movies, as the guys running the cameras are supposed to be professional cameramen, but you can't expect nice, wide shots of landscape or well-framed... well-framed anything, really.

The acting is actually not that bad. I was shocked - shocked I say - when Timothy Murphy showed up in this movie. You may remember him as Gavin from the Sons of Anarchy, and he is a pretty good actor. He plays the hard-ass expert at living in the tundra of Northern Canada in this movie, and he does a very good job of it. The others are kind of hit and miss, but they're generally pretty decent.

Acting was good
Story was weak
Dialog was very weak
Cinematography was not good
Directing was mediocre



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