Goodbye World (2013)

This movie claims to be both a comedy and a drama. It is only a drama. It's an apocalyptic drama, but it sure as heck isn't a comedy. I can recognize a comedy, and this isn't what they look like. The idea behind this movie is that there is a "virus" that sends a text of "Goodbye World" to every phone in the world, and a cataclysm ensues that results in all power, services, and pretty much everything stopping. There are many, many problems with the premise, but let's accept them and move on to what this movie is about.

Much like a zombie movie, this movie focuses on the group internal strife that is brought to a head as a result of close quarters and back story. The group consists of the couple who owns the property and their daughter, their two dinner guests, a relative and his girlfriend, and yet another relative and her male friend. Everyone winds up at this very large cabin in the woods during the subsequent riots and terribly coordinated marshal law.

It seems like everyone either has a romantic past with the members of the opposite sex, is looking to hook up with some of them, or is currently in a loveless relationship with them. At points, it's a little hard to keep track of exactly who is having sex with whom and who they are thinking about and who they are cheating on.

Moral questions about helping neighbors, letting soldiers set up camp on the property, rationing, kicking people out, and various other conundrums attempt to keep the audience interested while the soap opera of the love lives of these people gets played out on screen. I'm thinking that not enough attention is paid to the child along the way. She is a plot device for adding tension, but that's about it.

The group of people are privileged jerks in general. they are all very egocentric and dismissive. They toss in a computer "hacker" to keep things interesting, and he is predictably awkward and anti-social. It's kind of annoying.

Acting is generally decent
Story is very weak
Dialog is okay
Direction is okay
Cinematography was moderate



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