The Battery (2012)

This movie was also known as Ben and Mickey Vs. The Dead, and I think that's a better title. The problem is that many people would assume it is a rip-off of Tucker and Dale vs Evil, but the two films are nothing alike. While Tucker and Dale was horror comedy, this is straight-out zombie apocalypse horror.

The whole movie centers around Ben and Mickey. Ben is the guy who wrote this, directed this, and he was also one of the producers. Generally, when a movie says that it was written by, directed by, and produced by one of the lead actors, it's going to suck. This is especially true of independent films shot on a budget of less than $7,000. Quite surprisingly, this wasn't all that bad. I'm not sure why he got writing credits, as he freely admits that most of the scenes were seat-of-the-pants on the location. Ben himself did a good enough job as the bearded jerk who is the primary security force for the two and is constantly trying to get Mickey to engage with the world around him.

Adam Cronheim plays Mickey. Mickey was the pitcher for the baseball team that both of them were on. He escapes into his music with his CD player (I know, right? A portable CD player?) and dreams of the world going back to the way it used to be. He wants to plant roots in a house somewhere, while Ben keeps the two moving every day. Both strategies have their issues, but Ben has the stronger personality, so he generally wins. Adam does a pretty good job of playing his character, either way.

There are a few other people in the movie, and they don't play significant roles.

One of the strangest scenes was when the two men are in a car and one of them leaves to get something. It is an unbroken shot of the one left inside the car that seems to last 10 minutes. It's just 10 minutes of hearing zombies and watching this guy try to pass the time. I have no idea why the scene is there other than to extend the length of the movie, but it is downright odd.

Directing was pretty good
Story was weak
Dialog was good
Acting was good
Effects were not great



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