Redd's Strawberry Ale

I think this is rounding out the "cider" category. Assuming I don't have any more in the fridge that I can't remember, this will be the last at least for a while, and I can go back to beer. The first Redd's didn't thrill me the first time I had it, and it didn't thrill me the second time, either.

The color is pretty much the exact same as the previous Redd's Ale. I suspect it's because they customized the color with fake coloring. They did the same thing with both beverages, so it's no surprise that they are the same color. The aroma is a fairly light strawberry with an alcohol twist. It is not too dissimilar from the S'loonshine I had, and that's does not bode well.

 First sip is not great, but not the worst. It actually reminds me of the aforementioned S'loonshine cut down with apple juice. It's pretty clear that sipping this is not the way to go.  I know I didn't give much of a sip description, and you'll have to pardon me while I grab a big gulp.

Tip-in is mild strawberry and little else. Eventually, the carbonation can be felt as it makes its way across the tongue. The middle almost has vanilla - it's a little sweet and gentle. Then the finish brings a more harsh strawberry along with some apple and the alcohol burn. It's not that bad of a burn, but the strawberry hitting the back of the throat and nose as the end of the gulp passes is not good. Then there is the aftertaste. It really tastes like artificial sweetener to me.

I tried it. I'm not a fan.



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