Wells Banana Bread Beer

I should know better than to grab an interesting looking beer without fully reading the label. This one has BANANA in big letters, and I still grabbed it. Well, it can't be as bad as some of the other ones out there, can it? Let's find out.

It's a clear beverage that is darker than I anticipated. The color is almost that of a dark amber. The head doesn't stay around all that long, and it leaves a ring around the rim to remember it by. The aroma is - as advertised - that of banana bread. It's a novel sensation of smelling this in a beer.

First sip is a strange one. Did you ever have those banana-flavored snack cakes you can by in convenience stores? Think of that, but tasting less like real bananas. It's more like what someone who has only ever smelled a banana peel once probably thinks bananas taste like. There's some kind of toffee or something on the back-end that is making matters worse. And, maybe a big gulp will take this from Do Not Want to Want So Much!

Tip-in is very little of anything. It's watery with some carbonation bite on the tongue. The middle has a kind of almond and bread taste with that carbonation continuing to scrape at the back of the throat. The finish is where things go really South. And not the good South like BBQ and live music venues. The artificial banana hits hard and brings a saccharin with it. It's very not good. I got a four pack of these, and I am dreading the other three.



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