Redd's Apple Ale (Revisit)

I looked at this beverage before, and I was thrown by the fact that it was called an ale. After having a bunch of other ciders, I figured I would take it on again, as I was probably a little too hasty in my conclusion.

The color is a a deep gold with a very nice clarity. The aroma is apple and wine. On some of the others, I had noted that the smell was either grapes or wine, but this one is almost certainly wine. It has a stronger scent of alcohol than the others had, that's for darn sure. It's not the harsh alcohol scent of S'loonshine or something - it's very refined.

First sip is unexpected. I've had a few of these apple ciders recently, and this tastes less like apples than any of them. Even the Woodchuck Fall that coated everything with cinnamon had more of a natural apple taste than this does. It definitely has more of a wine taste with carbonation that is palpable. It's hard to tell if I like it from a couple sips, though. Time for a good sized gulp.

Tip-in is that pseudo-wine taste. A real wine person (who I am definitely not) would probably argue that it tastes like something else, but that's the best description I can give it. The middle has carbonation hitting the back of the tongue with mild alcohol burn. Then, the finish brings the slightest hit of apple followed by more of the heavy liquor kind of taste.

All told, I can't say I'm much of a fan. What did I give it last time? A 1.5? That's about right. It might be a little generous.



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