Angry Orchard Cinnful Apple Hard Cider

Honestly, I'm about done with hard ciders, but I started down this path, and I'm going to explore the various facets of it while I'm here. This one is supposed to have cinnamon, and I hope it doesn't degenerate into the Woodchuck Fall cider. That thing was lousy with cinnamon.

The color is a bright gold with no head to speak of - which is normal for this kind of beverage. The aroma is (also quite unsurprisingly) cinnamon apple. I wish I could speak more about it, but it's about as straight-forward as you can get for a smell. I don't even smell the tell-tale whiff of alcohol in there. I could just as easily be sniffing some Motts Cinnamon Apple Sauce.

First sip isn't terrible. I expected more cinnamon than there actually is. It's very moderate, much like the Woodchuck cider was NOT. Really, it's exactly what I said Woodchuck needed to do - lessen the cinnamon to make it a more complimentary flavor than overpowering the apple base.

A proper draught is a complex and well thought out beverage. Tip-in is sweet, with a slight hit of carbonation around the edges. The sweet taste continues in the middle with a stream of cinnamon apple flowing underneath. The finish brings a very strong cinnamon flavor followed by more sweet apple.

I'm surprised there wasn't any tart taste from the apples at all in this beverage, but I'm not complaining. Instead, I say that the Angry Orchard people are really eating Woodchuck's lunch when it comes to formulating these things. I have no idea how Woodchuck stays in business, if there is another company producing a very superior product for the same price like this.



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