Angry Orchard Crisp Apple Hard Cider

The latest in my trek to find the best of the apple ciders is this, the Crisp Apple version from Angry Orchard. My last Angry Orchard really impressed me with how much better it was than the Woodchuck ciders were. Maybe I'll be on a roll. Let's hope.

The color is a fairly pale yellow with a clarity that I've come to expect from these ciders. The aroma is quite predictably apple, and this one is very unlike the last one, the scent really carries over some distance. But, it still reminds me of nothing more than apple juice with a hint of grape or possibly wine.

First sip is a decent one. Like the other Angry Orchards, it is sweet and very much like apple juice in its general taste. A sip tends to blur things and give you an unclear representation of the beverage. That's why I never just rely on a sip, I always follow with a nice, big swig to give my taste buds the chance to dissect the different parts of it and enjoy it on another level. As a sip of this will not result in a substantive difference between this cider and the last, I'll go ahead and see if I can detect one with a gulp.

Tip-in is apple and a slight bit of carbonation. The middle follows with an almost syrupy thickness that presses the apple with a bit of tartness. The finish it a bit harsh with a wave of sour that is completely over the top, a bit of carbonation, and then it fades away to a sweetness on the lips and tongue. It's kind of a mixed bag.

Bottom Line: I liked it well enough, but that hit of sour right at the beginning of the finish was a bit rough.



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