Angry Orchard Traditional Dry Hard Cider

My experience with ciders so far has been interesting. I didn't think I would like any of them, but there have been at least one or two that were really good. In fact, I might even like them more than some beers. This is my second Angry Orchard, and the first one was pretty good.

It's clear and gold like the color of straw. Like many of these ciders I've had before, the overwhelming fragrance is unsurprisingly apple. The surprising thing is that there isn't as much of an aroma emanating from the beverage; normally, the smell is very noticeable as soon as it is poured into a glass.

First sip is telling. It tastes sweet and cold. I don't mean that it is actually all that cold (although, yes, I did pull it from my beer fridge). The cold is like when you chew a, Ice Breakers hunk of gum - it's more of a taste of cold than actual cold. I'm not really sure what causes it, but that's what I'm tasting.

A big swig brings a tip-in of gentle apples and carbonation, which is also slight. the middle hints at the "dry" from the title. It really does remind me of a dry wine or something. The finish starts with shot of tart across the bow and another wave of carbonation. The sweet kind of lingers on the lips when the tartness wears off.

Bottom Line: It's not a bad beverage, but it's not as good as the last Angry Orchard that I had. Wish it could be a little better, but It shows that Angry Orchard's average cider is better than Woodchuck's.



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