Sneaky Pete Imperial IPA

This is an imperial IPA, also known as a double IPA, and it should have loads more hops (double, oddly enough) than a regular IPA and a dramatically higher alcohol content. This one is 10% alcohol by volume, and that is pretty decent for a beer.

The color is a very hazy and opaque medium brown. The head grips the sides and refuses to slide down. I like that stick-to-itiveness. the aroma is hoppy and floral - exactly what you might expect from an IPA.

A sip is hoppy. It's not quite like biting into a hop, but it's pretty hoppy; it's like it's biting into my tongue. I have yet to find a beer that is more hoppy than Heady Topper, but this is pretty darn hoppy. For a man who likes hops, that's not a bad thing. The floral notes are kind of heavy, though, and they could use some malt to cut them a bit more.

A proper drink (or quaff, if you prefer) brings a very gentle tip-in of a light floral taste. The carbonation nips at the tongue when it enters. It's not a bad start. The middle brings a kind of caramel and citrus mix that is slightly off-putting. Alcohol hits the back of the throat pretty hard at that point, and it lets you know that this beer isn't fooling around. The finish is hoppy and floral out the wazoo. It leaves a bit of a sweet taste on the lips that kind of makes up for the unsettling middle.

The beer is okay. I wouldn't be ashamed to pull it out when friends stop by, but I wouldn't be surprised if not all of them liked it.



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