Freezer (2014)

Is Dylan McDermott a big name? I hope so, because there is no other name that draws to this movie. There aren't many other people in the movie on the whole, come to think of it. It takes place almost entirely in a walk-in freezer, and that is where everyone is except for one guy who eventually shows up in it, too.

Our hero starts off with a bag on his head and his hands and feet tied in the middle of the freezer. He gets himself situated to try and deal with this awkward situation and finds himself dealing with the Russian mob who thinks that he has stolen money from them. He has to try to figure out a way to survive and also solve the case of the missing Russian money with no significant contact from the outside.

Dylan does an okay job with his role, but he is really kind of hampered by the script. The character just ignores opportunities for escape, chances to overpower people, and any thought of a trap for when the bad guys come in. Rather than jamming something through the fans, for example, he beats on the guards with a fire extinguisher. Very bright.

Two of the guys seem to do an okay job of acting - they speak only in Russian, so it's hard to tell. Actually, I take it back. Milan Malisic, who plays the semi-smart guy locally in charge, definitely overplays his hand. For some reason, he has decided to play his character as maniacal, and his maniac face is way too over the top.

One of the worst things about the movie is that they didn't even bother to actually make it cold in the freezer. I've seen music videos where they made it cold enough so you could see the breath of the singers, but Dylan must have his standards, and he must have the room at a comfortable temperature.

Acting was passable
Directing was not great
Script was pretty bad
Dialog was terrible
Effects didn't exist



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