The Bell Witch Haunting (2013)

How many times are we going to do this? Another haunting. Another "found footage" style movie. Another ghost that kills on a whim, yet occupies itself turning on and off light switches at other times. Well, welcome to the Blair Witch Pro... I mean Paranormal Activi... wait, it's Bell Witch Haun.. no, that was the 2004 movie. This one is THE Bell Witch Haunting.

So, a family moves down from Chicago to Tennessee. Unfortunately, they move into a house that already has a resident - a ghost. That's right - a freaking GHOST! Oh, the horror! Well, the new residents don't know that there is a ghost right off the bat, even though we start the movie with a double homicide.

As with the other entries in the found footage movies, the acting is supposed to be really natural and more "normal" than regular acting (people interrupting each other, talking over one another, long silences, etc). However, this movie had a bunch of people who didn't actually know what acting like a normal human was like, so they inadvertently become a spoof of the movie that they are in with their robotic and awkward acting.

The son gets a camera for his birthday, and that's the excuse for his filming everything on the freaking planet. When his sister is screaming from a nightmare? Yup, he comes running with the camera. When he is searching for a lost friend - duh, why wouldn't you use the camera? Oh, that's right, the LCD on the side of the camera facing you would essentially destroy your night vision and leave you all but blind.

Now, I've been in Adams, Tennessee before, and it has a population of 633 people. I would guess that the crime rate is negligible, especially violent crime. For an unexplained reason, the family has decided to install cameras throughout the house - including the bedrooms.

Oddly, most of the cameras don't have timestamps or anything that you would typically find on security cameras. And they go out of their way to make the HD recordings of a 10-year-old Sony camera all jittery and low res, even though it seems unlikely that it would be that bad.

Directing was bad
Acting was bad
Story was bad
Dialog was bad
Cinematography was inexcusable



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