Visible Scars (2012)

Tom Sizemore kills a prostitute rather than bothering to pay her the $200 he owes her and then steals her babies to take back to his wife, as his wife is "too ugly" to have babies of her own. Let's just go ahead and establish what a horrific character he has come to play and what a questionable story this movie has to offer.

From there, Tom says that the twin girls will have to stay in the basement of the house so no one knows that he stole them. We then are treated to what this movie is mostly made of - jumps in time. These aren't the planned, meticulous jumps in time that you would find in something like Cloud Atlas, which was already a needless mix of timeframes.

Well, we jump to 2000, where we see the girls dealing with their daddy and asking where mommy went. Daddy tells them to eat their meat so mommy can be a part of them.... get it? Cannibalism! Yea! The staple of creepy backwoods families for years now comes to you with a helping of Tom Sizemore. We then jump again to only a year later when the house burns, and daddy dies... do the girls?

We cut yet again to present day for the young Jillian Murray to decide to come to the same woods to get away from it all, including her abusive boyfriend played by Jonas Fisch of Scream fame. It never becomes completely clear why she, a 23 year old hottie with the dumbest best friend on the planet, needs to take a break from the world, but we do eventually find out that she was also abused by her father. I'm not quite sure that it is identified as what she is getting over, but let's go with it for now.

Girl in the haunted woods, nebby police, friends who randomly wander around the place with no sense of direction, and even the nearby hippies who just get high and love everyone all conspire to raise the body count without raising the level of actual concern by the audience or the level of acting. For her part, Jillian probably does the best in the movie, but that's not saying a whole lot. Tom's old, grumpy hillbilly needs some serious work. It's a shame to think that he came from Black Hawk Down to this. Maybe he has the same agent as Cuba Gooding Jr.

Directing was a mess
Story was bad
Acting was - on the whole - pretty bad
Cinematography was very, very bad
Dialog was bad



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