Red Line (2013)

Do not confuse this movie with Redline, the movie from 2007 with Eddie Griffin and lots of supercars CG racing to hell and back. This is Red Line from 2013 about a train that gets bombed by a terrorist and the people who survive and have to figure out a way to continue surviving as the rescuers make their way in.

This reminds me of Last Passenger in the way it limits the scenery and sets to the point that money can be spent on pretty much any other part of the movie. I guess they didn't have a budget, because they didn't spend much on the rest of the movie. It's okay, a movie doesn't need a big budget in order to be good.

So, boom goes the dynamite, and we have a few passengers struggling to hold on, some dead, and some who are miraculously without injury. Oh, and one guy who was injured but is still mobile. From here, we struggle to figure out what happened and what to do next. And... is there a terrorist among them?

Acting is generally not bad through the film. There is some obvious lack of experience by some of them, and some of them cannot act, but for the most part thing are done well. the story progresses to try and keep you guessing, but it does the usual trick of ignoring how things work when it gets too complicated.

I wouldn't say, "Next Stop: Terror" as the above poster does, as this is not really a scary film. It gets a bit intense at times, and the character interaction is interesting enough, but it's no Cube. The characters are all pretty much two dimensional, and the motivation to cause the explosion in the first place is talked about, but I still don't really understand it. Normally, if you get someone talking about why they killed a bunch of people, they won't shut up about it.

Acting is generally okay
Directing is decent
Story is workable
Dialog is meh
Effects were minimalist



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