Home Sweet Home (2013)

Believe it or not, there were three - count 'em THREE - movies released in 2013 with the name Home Sweet Home. This is the only one I've seen, and I'm not eager to see the others, even though they have nothing to do with this movie, because this appears to have the widest release, biggest budget, and best reception.

This movie brings out the big guns with the voice acting talent of Barbara Gordon. No, she's not the famous daughter of James Gordon, police commissioner for Gotham city. She is not Batgirl. Instead, I last saw her in the first sequel to Cube. I also saw her in her fine role in Kung Fu: The Legend Continues; one episode, at least. And she plays the mother who is a voice on the answering machine. Stunning job.

The other actors don't do quite as good of a job, but they have the handicap of being on screen at some point and having to put facial expressions to feelings and other acting stuff. That's a hard thing to pull off for most of them. Meghan Heffern has the biggest job in the movie, and she is... not particularly fluid in her performance. She appears to have been hired because she looks good in a cheerleader outfit. That might be selling her short, but not for this film.

The evil killer spends most of his time like the picture of him on the front - with a mask on. So, his acting is similar to Michael Myers, Jason, and Leatherface before him in that he doesn't have to act aside from tilting his head and doing things that look imposing and mean.

Critters The Cat is played VERY realistically by Lancelot. Really, his portrayal is remarkable and very compelling. However, the character of Critters really underscores the difference between cats and dogs. A properly trained dog - hell, even one that is only mildly trained - would at least provide a bit of protection when the screaming and crying began. In the immortal words of Ron Swanson, "Any dog under fifty pounds is a cat, and cats are pointless."

Acting was bad
Story was bad
Directing was bad
Cinematography was actually decent
Effects were good



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