Palm Speciale Belgian Ale

It's PALM. It's hard to tell from the gigantic PALM written across the label, but that's the name. Love that horse on the front, too. Seriously, I know your label is probably steeped in history and all, but you need to get a label that is a little less stodgy.

The color is a slightly more brown copper. The head does not stick to the sides very much, but it leaves a fairly even skin across the top with a decent amount forming a ring around the side. The aroma is a little sweet and flowery with malt sitting in the background. It's a promising start, at least.

First sip is a little more harsh than I expected. There is bread that has a metallic taste added like someone tried to staple a loaf of wheat bread. They stapled it to a peach that was well past its prime. I was really hoping for more, and maybe I'll get it with a proper swig.

Tip-in is bread with a bit of lemon and grass. The carbonation spreads across the mouth as the middle takes hold. The middle is a world of nothing; it's almost boring. The finish hits with a bit of metal and sour malt. Somehow, it also has a sweet in the background, but the whole thing is... not great.

I guess this just isn't my glass of beer. It's middle of the road, and that's not good enough.



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