Look (2007)

You know, I thought Stoker was an odd duck, but this one is much more odd. This entire movie was shot from the perspective of actual security cameras - at least, that's what the director claims. There are some that are obviously not such as the cell camera footage and a single film camera, but I also question the legality of installing camera in dressing rooms.

So, the whole thing is played out in front of us as a "found footage" movie like Blair Witch and Paranormal Activity. There are several storylines that we are exposed to, and we are left to try and figure out which ones actually intersect. Not all of them do.

The main thrust of the movie is to get us to think about all the ways we are being recorded each day and how that may impact our lives or even how we might act if we always thought someone was watching. What with the NSA ignoring their charter to not spy domestically, it could very well be the case, but the cameras we see are not government controlled, they are placed there by companies, and all but the previously mentioned cameras appear to be completely legal. Of course, the cameras wouldn't have audio like they do in this movie, but that's just a technical quibble.

The story follows a very promiscuous teenage girl who aggressively goes after one of her teachers, a gay man who is hiding his true preference, a frustrated pedophile, and a few others who cross all of their paths. Given the novelty of the way everything was shot, it was surprising that the stories managed to hold my interest so well. This is especially true given the fact that it was almost impossible to pick out actual faces for many of the actors.

I liked this movie, but it is clearly not going to be everyone's cup of tea.

Story was good, but disjointed
Directing was certainly pretty unique
Acting was very good and believable - distance may have helped
Camera was bad, but that was intentional
Artistic expression was high



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