Blackstone Winter Seasonal Oatmeal Stout

So far, Blackstone hasn't exactly rocked my world. I WANT to like it, as it is a Nashville brewer, but their beers just haven't stood up to the competition very well. The Chaser Pale Ale was a definite NOT recommend, while the APA and Nut Brown Ale both got middle of the road (but slightly below average) scores that were kind of a gift.

This beer is a wall of black from which no photon shall escape; it's a good color for a stout, then. The dense head dissipates to a thin froth that failingly attempts to cling to the sides of the glass. The aroma is strong and sweet. It has that burnt oatmeal smell that indicates that the brewmaster probably knew what he was doing. I seriously hope so. I want to enjoy this so much.

First sip is more bitter than I expected. You can definitely taste the oatmeal in there, and it is properly well cooked and smoky, but the hit of bitterness is a bit more overwhelming. There is a bit of coffee taste in there fighting, too. Coffee is a bitter drink by its nature, so I guess it makes sense that it is coming with the bitterness. Time for a big swig.

Tip-in is bitter - like chocolate without sugar added. Carbonation hits the corners of the mouth with the beverage, and the middle hits as a slightly acidic coffee taste and is quickly followed by oatmeal with the more smoky, slightly burnt malt. The whole effect of the beer is... another letdown. Blackstone keeps trying, and they keep failing. I want them to succeed for my own benefit, if nothing else.



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