Lagunitas Censored (Kronik) Rich Copper Ale

This was sold in the "High Gravity Beer" section of a nearby liquor store. Now, what I know about the gravity of beer is pretty shallow, and there simply isn't enough information on this beer in particular for me to come to a conclusion about that. I am told that the "gravity of a beer in this state actually refers to the alcohol content. This one is 6.7% ABV and consequently can't be sold in a regular beer store.

The head is thick and sticky like a good Lagunitas beer should be. The fact is, this is currently my favorite brewery, and I hope this is my new favorite beer. The color is very, very copper - I would almost guess that they fine-tuned it with food coloring to get it so exact. The aroma is strangely malty with a kind of sour twinge added in there and notable grains.

First sip is unexpectedly gentle. It has a smooth yet bitter tasting malt with quite a heavy floral influence. There are notes of something sweeter tucked away behind the almost lemon sourness, but it's hidden pretty well. Time to take a deeper dive to figure it out.

Tip-in is that queer sour note with the floral background shoring it up. The middle reveals a bit of toffee and caramel that is quite good. Then, the finish gives a bit of bitterness before sending the whole thing off with a bit of sweet. I'm not thinking that this is the best beer I've had from Lagunitas, but it's certainly not a terrible beer. I wish that sour taste wasn't intruding on my enjoyment, though.



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