Last Vegas (2013)

Four friends - four old friends - get back together so they can throw a bachelor party for one of them.

Michael Douglas, age 69, plays the groom. He's going to marry a 30-something year old woman, and his friends take him to Las Vegas. Michael can't really be too bothered to act at this point in his career. Fortunately, there are enough guys with acting chops and no real need to use them in this movie, so he doesn't really have to do anything. He shows up, he collects a paycheck, and he goes home.

Robert De Niro, age 70, is the curmudgeon of the group. He doesn't want to go, doesn't get along with Michael, and he has been mourning his dead wife for a long time, yet he still wears his ring. He gets tricked into going to Vegas, and he's not happy about any of it. So yes, he's the one you're supposed to love. He does a good job with a role that he has played many, many times; he's the grumpy tough guy. He even punches some people.

Morgan Freeman, age 76, Is virtually on death's door in this movie. He is pressured by his overprotective son into following a strict schedule and pretty much no stress or fun. As a result, his rebellious side has been held back for too long, and a few nights of debauchery are exactly what he decides that he needs. When his friends come calling, it's the perfect excuse to finally live a little bit instead of waiting for death to come slowly. His character is written more wryly than the others, and he plays it up as much as he can. He's clearly having fun with the role, and the role is suited to it.

Kevin Kline, age 66, is the goofy emotional one of the group. He has been given a pass by his wife to do anything he wants while he is in Vegas, and he can do it guilt-free. Anyone who thinks he will not A) get the opportunity and B) have a crisis of conscience has never seen one of these movies before. Kevin does a fine job with his role, but his acting ability and star power is overshadowed by the other actors.

Directing was good
Story was a bit tired
Acting was generally good
Dialog had issues, but was good



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