Jug Face (2013)

Accept that there is a backward community of people who worship an unseen creature in a pit. Accept it, because that's where we find ourselves. Just a bunch of hicks worshiping a pit. On the plus side, the pit actually has supernatural powers.

In order to please the pit, a sacrifice has to be made periodically. A local jug maker makes a jug with the face of the person who should be given up in some way (it's not made clear for a while). So, it's bad to have your face appear on the jug.

Our heroine, fresh from coitus with her brother, stumbles upon just such a jug with her own face on it. In a panic, she hides the face and pretends not to know that one was ever made. She confides in her grandfather, who was shunned by the community for an unknown reason and cannot speak, and then she moves on with her life. Lauren Ashley Carter plays the girl, and she does a fine job of showing her inner conflict with the added growing concern for her unborn child.

Sean Bridgers doesn't have much to play as a drunken hick who makes jugs for a living. He reminds me of Will Farrel doing a character of a hick more than anything. Really, he doesn't do much with a role that didn't have much to have done with it. The same can be said for most of the cast, really. There aren't a whole lot of characters that really break the mold of hick in this film.

Sean Young at least has a role. She's the abusive mother with no concept of personal space or private parts. She plays the role well enough, and after I had seen interviews with her, I didn't think she'd be able to - much like seeing Gary Busey would lead you to believe that he will never again work as a serious actor. She leans into the role a little too hard at times, but she's probably just overcompensating.

Acting was good
Directing was okay
Story was not the best
Effects were pretty minimal



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